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What is Malacca-lahh app?
Malacca-lah app is a trip advisor app to discover Malacca city the local way. It has detail information on 20 places, which are categorized to your needs. There are also few daily Malacca slangs to learn for you to test your vocab while visiting Malacca.

What is the different between places in 'Where to?' function and 'I am..' function?
From 'Where to' you can view all places suggested in the app while from 'I am..' you can categorize yourself and filter the search for places you need to find only.

How do we connect to our map through the address given?
For the moment we're still upgrading ourselves with direct connect to map and also other new functions. Just wait for the next release of upgrades. We will keep you posted.

Do I have to pay for upgrades?
No, any upgrades, updates or bug-fixes we release, it will be free to users of existing apps.

Who's behind Malacca-lah iPhone app?
We are from Seetru Studio, a collection of designers and techies who also loves to travel. Some of us are locally from Malacca and all of us are from other parts of Malaysia. We're based in Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur, and mainly doing multimedia design which consist of websites, print, videos and mobile apps. You may reach us at our website www.seetrustudio.com